Our Collections

The National Atomic Testing Museum is a repository for one of the most comprehensive collections of nuclear history. As part of its mission, the National Atomic Testing Museum seeks to collect and preserve a wide variety of materials and artifacts relating to atomic testing, the Nevada Test Site, the Cold War, and nuclear and radiological science and technology. The current collection includes thousands of rare photographs, videos, artifacts, scientific and nuclear reports and data and one-of-a kind scientist collections.

The National Atomic Testing Museum’s collection is fast growing and soon will include even more Cold War artifacts including those of the men who worked at Area 51.

Donate Your Artifacts

Help the Museum grow by donating your photos, videos, biographical information, and artifacts. Contact us at 702-794-5151 or info@natm-nv.org.

Be A Part of the Cold War Warrior Archives.

Fill in a biographical sheet to obtain you own folder, documenting your part in the Cold War and Atomic Testing. When completed, please email to the Curator or Librarian.

Conduct Research

We can help students, historians and others with a nuclear or radiological project.

Filming and Photography at the Museum

Still camera and digital photography is permitted in the main part of the museum for personal use only. Any commercial photography or videography requires a written agreement with the museum and payment of appropriate fees.

Please review the folliwng documents regarding filming.
Permission to Film REQUEST and Film Request FAQ